Nbc Innovation Competition Image Design

deadline: May. 18, 2917

Capture the spirit of creativity and innovation and create an image for nbc entertainment’s employee competition. Organized by Herox is a competition of Image design and Design, Image, Photoshop.

Free to join. € 1.00

365 Day Design Competition

deadline: Jan. 3, 2020

The challenge aims to destroy those creative blocks that every designer face to build on their creativity. Organized by Uni design is a competition of and Branding, Graphics, Illustration.

Free to join. € 58.623.00 Awards Sum.

Architecture On The Clock Competition

deadline: Oct. 31, 2019

Organized by is a competition of Architecture projects and Architecture, International, Small-scale, Openidea.

€ 24.00 Entrance Fee.

Boun-Urbanscape Symbiosis Competition

deadline: Jul. 4, 2019

Organized by Uni design is a competition of and International, Openidea, Urbanism, Furnituredesign.

€ 25.67 Entrance Fee. € 2.575.00 Awards Sum.

Golden Pin Design Competition & Golden Pin Concept Design Competition 2019

deadline: Jun. 27, 2019

Taiwan’s golden pin design award 2019 call for entries is now open. the award is a golden opportunity for companies, design teams, and individuals from all around the globe to demonstrate design excellence in taiwan, asia, and beyond. the early bird ent Organized by Taiwan design center is a competition of The annual golden pin design award is the longest-running international design award that celebrates products or projects expressly created for and .

€ 54.50 Entrance Fee. € 34.000.00 Awards Sum.

Hustle Hub-Youth Housing Design Competition %u201819: Russia

deadline: Jun. 22, 2019

Organized by Uni design is a competition of and .

€ 26.00 Entrance Fee. € 2.596.00 Awards Sum.

Your Umbrella, Your Perletti Competition

deadline: Jun. 18, 2019

Perletti and desall invite you to create a new umbrella, able to distinguish itself from the competitors thanks to its design and style details that make it a very distinguishable product. Organized by Desall.com is a competition of Umbrella design and Design, Umbrella, Iconic, Style, Customisation, Perletti.

Free to join. € 5.000.00 Awards Sum.

Extreme Habitat Competition 2019-Sahara

deadline: May. 19, 2019

Organized by Unidesign is a competition of and Architecture, Sahara, Africa, Futuristics, Transportation.

€ 26.00 Entrance Fee. € 2.662.00 Awards Sum.

Pro Carton Young Designers Competition 2019

deadline: May. 17, 2019

The pro carton young designers award is now one of europe’s leading annual young talent competitions for packaging design. every student enrolled in a european design school or university and with a heart for structural and product design is welcome to Organized by Pro carton - european association of carton and cartonboard manufacturers is a competition of Competition dedicated to cardboard design and Design, Cardboard, Packaging, Dielines, Packaging Design, Sustainability.

Free to join.

Fresh Product Call Competition

deadline: Apr. 30, 2019

Sell yours or your friend’s product or prototype! since our re-sellers are constantly asking us for new products, we are reaching out for your help. we need new products for business gifts sector. Organized by I4 d.o.o. is a competition of and .

Free to join. € 1.000.00

Memory: Regathering Syria Competition

deadline: Apr. 30, 2019

Organized by Uni design is a competition of and International, Urbandesign, Architecture, Openidea.

€ 22.00 Entrance Fee. € 1.995.00 Awards Sum.

Skyscrapers For The Future Mega-Cities Competition

deadline: Apr. 15, 2019

The fundamental aspects of work in the coming decades - with a more faster transit technologies, this challenge engages with a skyscraper that serves as both - a workplace (private & public) and a fly hub (public & private). Organized by is a competition of Architecture open idea and .

€ 23.00 Entrance Fee. € 1.437.00 Awards Sum.

Origyn : International Space Habitat Architecture Competition

deadline: Apr. 10, 2019

Organized by Uni is a competition of and Architecture, Space Architecture, Nasa.

€ 21.33 Entrance Fee. € 3.341.00

Yicca 18/19-international Competition of Contemporary Art

deadline: Apr. 3, 2019

Internationality and networking make this art call a huge chance for the artists, which can win a cash prize and have the opportunity to exhibit the submitted works in an art gallery of a european city. Organized by Moho association is a competition of Contemporary art and Award, Exhibition, Prize, Contest, Competition, Exhibition, Call, Winners, Painting, Sculpture, Photography,.

€ 40.00 Entrance Fee. € 4.000.00 Awards Sum.

Unfuse International Architecture Thesis Competition'19

deadline: Mar. 20, 2019

Organized by Uni is a competition of and Architecture, Urbanism, Landscape.

Free to join. € 2.158.00

North Design Union Headquarters %u2013 Architecture Design Competition 2019

deadline: Mar. 20, 2019

2019 north design union headquarters – architecture design competition is looking for design teams who can break the traditional spatial mode of office buildings and redefine the headquarters for design industry.

Free to join. € 64.000.00

Rio Mare Packaging Competition

deadline: Mar. 18, 2019

Desall and bolton food invite you to design a new packaging for a line of ready meals by rio mare. Organized by Desall is a competition of and Food, Packaging, Fish, Tuna, Ready-to-eat, Bolton, Ready-meal, Riomare.

Free to join. € 3.000.00 Awards Sum.

National Palace Museum Competition-The 8th National Treasure Merchandise Design Competition

deadline: Mar. 15, 2019

National palace museum award Organized by National palace museum is a competition of and .

Free to join. € 8.600.00 Awards Sum.


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