Techink Competition 2017 International Industrial Design Student Competition

deadline: Mar. 21, 2017

Techink award 2017 is an industrial design competition co-organised by roobo beijing intelligent steward co., ltd. and tsinghua university of china, for university students to showcase their passion for design and technology. Organized by is a competition of and .

Free to join. € 27.400.00

Yicca International Competition of Contemporary Art 16/17

deadline: Mar. 15, 2017

The competition's aim is to promote the enrolled artists, giving them chance to join the international market of contemporary art and to promote their art through a variety of channels. Organized by Moho association is a competition of Artwork, paintings, sculptures, photographs and Contest, Call For Artists, Competition, Opportunity For Artists, Cash Prize, Award, Money Prize, Exhibition, Gallery .

€ 40.00 Entrance Fee. € 4.000.00

Navigator Dreams Global Talent Design Competition

deadline: Mar. 10, 2017

Participate at navigator students packaging and win amazing prices plus having your work showcased to the entire world! Organized by is a competition of Participants are asked to design the new navigator students packaging and Design, Packaging, Creative, Navigator.

Free to join. € 6.000.00

Smart Pasta-3d Shapes With a Purpose Competition

deadline: Mar. 1, 2017

New food design contest on barilla and desall together for the creation of new pasta shapes with a fresh design and unprecedented potential, to be realised through the innovative pasta 3d printer, presented at cibus 2016. Organized by is a competition of Pasta shapes and Design, Shapes, Product, Functions, Pasta, Barilla, 3d-print, Fff, Cibus, 3d, Food Design, Food,.

Free to join. € 3.000.00 Awards Sum.

Wine Mythology Label Competition

deadline: Feb. 15, 2017

Call for artists/designers/students to design a bottle label characterized by mythological subjects. the first classified label will be printed for a limited edition of a prestigious wine. Organized by Code - competitions for designers is a competition of Wine bottle and Bottle Label, Packaging, Graphic Design, Visual Art, Decoration, Wine Label, Creativity Techniques,.

€ 66.67 Entrance Fee. € 10.000.00 Awards Sum.

Best in Design Competition

deadline: Feb. 13, 2017

International contest best in design,formerly known as designtalent,is for designers under 30 who can apply in four categories-product design,industrial design,fashion design and communication design and win 10000€+internship in a design studio. Organized by Martina and martin r%u016f%u017ei%u010dka foundation is a competition of and Art, Design, Industrial, Product, Graphics, Fashion, Communication, Bestindesign, .

Free to join. € 10.000.00

2017 International Wild Bird Seed Feeder Student Design Competition

deadline: Feb. 8, 2017

Calling all university students! enter the 2017 international wild bird feeder student design competition. Organized by Perky-pet is a competition of Wild bird feeder and Student Competition, Bird Feeder, Perky-pet, International.

Free to join. € 2.686.00

Lab.7 Art Contest

deadline: Jan. 25, 2017

The malamegi company is raffling the creation of a new collection of works by the selection of one artist among the 12 finalists of the contest. Organized by is a competition of Collection of artworks and Painting, Photography, Mixed Media, Digital, Video, Graphics, Net Art,.

Free to join. € 4.000.00 Awards Sum.

Enel Creative Space Competition

deadline: Jan. 24, 2017

New interior design contest on enel relies on the community of desall for conceiving a creative space dedicated to its employees, to facilitate the generation of innovative ideas in line with its mission. Organized by is a competition of Interior design and Interior, Creativity, Enel, Office, Furnishing, Design, Creative Area, Interior Design, Architecture, Architect.

Free to join. € 5.000.00 Awards Sum.

Cool Gardens 2017: Call For Proposals Competition

deadline: Jan. 15, 2017

Cool gardens is an exhibit of contemporary garden and art installations that offers a shift of sensation for the summer—cooling—as a general theme for public projects in winnipeg, canada. Organized by Storefrontmb is a competition of Contemporary garden installation and Garden, Architecture, Art, Design, Landscape.

€ 35.00 Entrance Fee. € 35.00

Unbox 2017 Architectural Competition

deadline: Jan. 15, 2017

Unbox 2017, a competition that looks at exploring disruptive design ideas using shipping containers that will transform the future of public spaces. Organized by Volume zero is a competition of Container, public spaces and Design, Public Spaces, Containers, Interior Design.

Free to join. € 3.00

Cool Gardens 2017: Call For Proposals Competition

deadline: Jan. 15, 2017

Cool gardens is an exhibit of contemporary garden and art installations that offers a shift of sensation for the summer—cooling—as a general theme for public projects in winnipeg, canada. Organized by is a competition of and .

Free to join. € 6.00

Medical Device Design Competition

deadline: Dec. 23, 2016

The purpose of this study is to explore how best to design self-use molecular diagnostic testing devices for sexually transmitted infections. we are looking for concept work on this idea and will be splitting participants into 3 groups. the winner of each Organized by is a competition of and .

Free to join. € 180.00

Cefla Shopfitting Challenge-Design An Innovative Trolley

deadline: Dec. 19, 2016

Design an innovative shopping trolley on Organized by is a competition of Trolley and Smart, Industrial, Interaction, Productdesign, Retail, Shopping, Trolley, Cart, Shopfitting, Beacon.

Free to join. € 3.000.00 Awards Sum.

Trends Excellence Competition For Architecture & Design 2016

deadline: Dec. 15, 2016

Trends excellence awards for architecture & design 2016 is india's premier design competition for professionals. a first-of-its-kind in the country, these awards are an endeavour to bring forth the best in architecture, interior design, concepts, Organized by Home & design trends is a competition of Architecture and Architecture, Design, Art, Photography, Interior Design, Product Design.

Free to join.

11. Arte Laguna Prize

deadline: Dec. 14, 2016

Opportunities for designers and artists - 11th arte laguna prize collaborations with made in italy companies and cash prizes - deadline 14 december 4 companies are looking for creativity and calling to artists and designers for 4 product specific proj Organized by Cultural association moca is a competition of Collaborations with made in italy companies for product-specific projects and Design Contest, Design Competitions, Design Opportunity, Product Design, Call For Designers.

€ 55.00 Entrance Fee. € 19.00 Awards Sum.

Design Your Cup of Tee Competition

deadline: Dec. 10, 2016

Design a wrap (sleeve) design which will be made into a t-shirt & wrap for the next cup of tee Organized by The inspiration engine limited is a competition of and Mug, Cup, Cup Of Tee.

Free to join. € 250.00

One Day Design Competition

deadline: Nov. 23, 2016

The challenge will be held at roca concepts, a contemporary, interactive and stylish design gallery that will serve as a great inspiration for those architecture and design students and young professionals willing to face the challenge and who will have t Organized by Roca is a competition of Designing innovative concepts for bathroom-related products and Design, Architecture, Innovation.

Free to join. € 24.000.00


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